It Matters

I hate standardized testing. Not, like, I have some great philosophical challenge to it; I don’t have an opinion on it’s effectiveness in education one way or another. I mean that, as a student, standardized testing suuuuuucked. Sitting in the school cafeteria (or, later, home room) with your No. 2 pencils and Scantron sheets probably bought as surplus from the Apollo program circa 1970, the stale smell of recycled wood pulp as you turned the pages of the test booklet, the combined thrill-fear when doodling on the page that boldly exclaimed DO NOT WRITE ON THIS PAGE. Continue reading “It Matters”


Inspired by something said at last night’s board meeting, I struck out to explore a new piece of water put under easement by Dane County. It runs through one of the most picturesque valleys in southern Wisconsin—tall tree-studded bluffs, small farms tucked in among the natural landscape, cows, that sort of stuff—and I’ve been meaning to throw some flies here for a while. Continue reading “Streamside”

The Good News

Last week I attended a dedication ceremony for a newly acquired stretch of the Sugar River south of Paoli, named after the Neperud family who chose to sell the land to Dane County. Since being acquired earlier this year the DNR and the Southern Wisconsin chapter of Trout Unlimited have been working to improve this stretch of water through vegetation control and habitat restoration. Shawn Sullivan, DNR fisheries manager from the central sands area and leader of the Wild Rose habitat crew, gave an explanation of the work being done to a group of about 40 people that included TU members, Dane County personnel, NRCS employees, and local landowners. During a short break one of the NRCS guys joked about grabbing his spinning rod, and a member of the Wild Rose crew didn’t skip a beat.

“Wait ten minutes after we get out of the water,” he said, “and you’ll be able to catch fish here.”

Continue reading “The Good News”

Best Trekisodes, Part Two: Two-Parters

My run-down of personal-favorite Star Trek episodes continues with the ones you should binge watch this weekend… “In Purgatory’s Shadow/By Inferno’s Light”, Deep Space Nine: I never appreciated DS9 in its original run. I thought, A Star Trek series without a starship? Borrrring! Later, while working late-night at Cabela’s part-time, I’d return home to a … Continue reading Best Trekisodes, Part Two: Two-Parters