The Good News

Last week I attended a dedication ceremony for a newly acquired stretch of the Sugar River south of Paoli, named after the Neperud family who chose to sell the land to Dane County. Since being acquired earlier this year the DNR and the Southern Wisconsin chapter of Trout Unlimited have been working to improve this stretch of water through vegetation control and habitat restoration. Shawn Sullivan, DNR fisheries manager from the central sands area and leader of the Wild Rose habitat crew, gave an explanation of the work being done to a group of about 40 people that included TU members, Dane County personnel, NRCS employees, and local landowners. During a short break one of the NRCS guys joked about grabbing his spinning rod, and a member of the Wild Rose crew didn’t skip a beat.

“Wait ten minutes after we get out of the water,” he said, “and you’ll be able to catch fish here.” Continue reading “The Good News”

Best Trekisodes, Part Two: Two-Parters

My run-down of personal-favorite Star Trek episodes continues with the ones you should binge watch this weekend… “In Purgatory’s Shadow/By Inferno’s Light”, Deep Space Nine: I never appreciated DS9 in its original run. I thought, A Star Trek series without a starship? Borrrring! Later, while working late-night at Cabela’s part-time, I’d return home to a … Continue reading Best Trekisodes, Part Two: Two-Parters

No Filter

Last weekend I took out a buddy new to fly fishing for some bass along the Galena River. The recent rains have not been kind to the river, and when we arrived the water was the consistency of Quik and looked about as nutritious. The New Guy was a trooper though, and since this was just as much about tuning his cast as it was catching fish it wasn’t so much of a bother that the fishing was slow.

In between my admonishment to keep the tip of his rod up on the back cast, to keep it down when stripping the fly, and repeated reminders to change the rhythm of his cast as he added more line,  the New Guy had the load of questions you might expect a beginner to have. After rolling through my thoughts on leaders and tippet, fly selection, the benefits of trying tenkara, and dreaming of far-off fishing destinations, he was quiet for a moment. Then, pausing before starting another cast, he turned to me.

“I’ve been looking a lot on the internet, and the pictures of trout on there, the colors, are amazing. Those must be Photoshopped, right?” Continue reading “No Filter”