Half Full

Got my nymphs in  row. Most are pretty traditional patterns or those I’ve fished with success before. Some others are experiments in tying. I tend to tie new/experimental patterns in threes: one to give to the Ents, one to give to the fish, and one to remember how I tied it in the first place.


Top row (from left): dark hare’s ear, light hare’s ear and beadhead light hare’s ear

Second row: bloody black hare’s ear, dark hare’s ear, beadhead dark hare’s ear, ice dub hare’s ear

Third row: beadhead pheasant tail, beadhead stonefly nymph, orange and pink pheasant tail, beadhead light hare’s ear

Fourth row: pheasant tail, beadhead pheasant tail

Fifth row: beadhead black midge larva, beadhead caddis thingy, another beadhead caddis thingy (no wing), icy green caddis

Sixth row: pink and orange beadbody scuds, beadhead red and copper midge larva

Seventh row: caddis larva, more caddis larva, more caddis larva, beadheadless pink squirrel, “pink panther” (reverse color pink squirrel)

Bottom row:  pink squirrels, all the way


Author: chesleyfan

I work, I fish, I write.

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