Fuggin’ Cold

March 26, 2014

Places fished: Gordon Creek @ Cty A and Brue Rd

Streamside: 10:00a

Off: 12:15p

Air temp: 24 deg

Water temp: 36 deg (Cty A and Brue Rd)

Fish caught: 1 brown trout (bh black bugger, sz 8)

I left my camera at home this morning (“forgot” being the more accurate term), so I don’t have any splashy photos for you. This will be brief, anyway.

After being spoiled with some decent temperatures it got cold again mid-week. I was at least hoping for mid-30s temperature by the time I was streamside, but no… it was cold. Tauntaun-isn’t-gonna-make-it-past-the-first-marker cold. Even water temperatures took a hit: I haven’t recorded a sub-40 water temp since opening week. Heck, Black Earth Creek was warmer the first week of March than Gordon Creek was today. Ridiculous.

I started upstream of the Cty A bridge. Some nice pools here but not a fish to show for it. I didn’t even SEE a trout, and believe me when I say that I’m great at blowing up pools as I walk through ’em. I could hardly stand to stay in the water more than an hour before my feet were like ice-pops. I packed it in and headed to Brue Rd, blasting the defroster full-tilt in the drive between spots.

Again, I lasted about an hour before my feet turned to Push-Pops (remember those? Mmmm…). It was funny how quickly my body just had enough: one moment I was casting through a pool, and suddenly that reptilian-instinct brain kicked in and screamed “That’s it! You’re done!” and I quickly packed up and club-footed my way back to the car. It took most of the drive back to Middleton for my feet to thaw out.

I did get a single brown, another 12-incher or so, by dead-drifting a beadhead black bugger through the first riffle upstream of the Brue Rd bridge. I flushed out a smaller fish while wading through the pool above that. But that was it for fish sightings.

Please, please, please let this weekend turn out to be an actual Spring-like weekend. It would be nice to get a double-digit day before the month is over.


Author: chesleyfan

I work, I fish, I write.

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