Whew! Man. Mid-May, huh?

Well, I’m still alive. Working mostly, fishing some of the time, and not doing nearly enough to keep this blog up to date. I’m sure all of you have had some amazing fish stories in the meantime.

I honestly haven’t spent much time in the Driftless Area since Timber Coulee. I’m been sticking to Black Earth Creek to satisfy my trout needs, and the rainbows there have responded rather well (true story: DNR stocked about 4,000 ‘bows between Cross Plains and Black Earth to make up for the winter fish kill).

Otherwise fishing has been a grab bag of many places and species: crappies and panfish Up Nort, fat smallies on upper Wisconsin with The Young Man and the Stream, breaking off a monster brown during the Hex with lightning cutting across he sky, watching my wife catch her fish fish on the fly, getting muskie-skunked on Lake Wingra, and getting outfoxed on the lower Wisconsin. Below is a collection of photos that highlight some of those things.

And no, I have not yet made it to the Galena/Fevre. Maybe this week…?









Author: chesleyfan

I work, I fish, I write.

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