The Great Tie Down 2015

I’ve been saying for years that I need to create some sort of organizational scheme to keep track of my fly materials. A spreadsheet, an accountant, writing a shopping list… instead I just buy more material on the assumption that a) I need it now; and b) I’ll use it eventually.

2015 is the year of “eventually”, when I’ve decided to stop buying new stuff until I can burn through all (most) of the old. I’ve been tying off-and-on for weeks, filling up my boxes with an exotic array of interesting patterns. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. I have NO idea what is in my materials collection. I must have some idea, since I don’t have forty packages of white bucktail; but I might have two of the same color, both nearly new and unused, or two different packs of the some size hook.


2. I have NO idea why I bought some of this stuff. Was it for some obscure pattern that I heard about? An design I had in mind that never came to fruition? Just because I thought it looked cool? Dunno, but now I gotta find a reason to use it up.

3. Streamers look good with everything. Most of those “?” materials have been going into making streamers, since streamers seem to come out looking good no matter what. Plus I can use more of the material with each fly to get rid of some of this stuff.


4. I have things I didn’t know I had. Man, wish I had some tungsten coneheads…oh wait, here’s half a pack? Hmm… wonder what else is hiding around here?

5. I am so screwed come early trout season. Number of smallmouth and muskie flies tied for early May: dozens. Number of dries tied: zero.


6. I don’t don’t need no stinkin’ pattern. What is this fly called… Dunno Fly. Or maybe the Mash-up.

7  I need to organize this stuff. Maybe this year is finally the year…?



Author: chesleyfan

I work, I fish, I write.

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