Photography 102: What Those Fishing Photos Actually Mean

Pictures are worth a thousand words. A thousand photos are probably on your fishing buddy’s Instagram page right now. Here are some of the words those photos are trying to convey.

Photo: Landscape with anglers

20141008_083211Caption: The pursuit continues.

What it means: “We didn’t catch any fish. If we did, I wouldn’t post this photo.”


Photo: Landscape, no anglers


Caption: It’s great just to be out here.

Meaning: “I was alone, and didn’t catch any fish.”


Photo: Macro shot of fish


Caption: Beauty of the beast.

Meaning: “This fish was five inches long.”


Photo: Random Fishing Stuff


Caption: Getting the gear in order!

Meaning: “Fly tying bench is a effin’ mess.”


Photo: Close-up shot of gear, manufacturer prominently displayed


Caption: Love this rod/reel!

Meaning: “I’m a member of this rod/reel’s pro staff!”


Photo: Weird color saturation

Color Smallie

Caption: #tbt

Meaning: “I just discovered Instagram filters and love the ‘1970s Polaroid’ look!”


Photo: Fish, angler identity obscured


Caption: None

Meaning: “I am wanted by local authorities.”


Author: chesleyfan

I work, I fish, I write.

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